Why Us?

AmericanLandList, LLC

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AmericanLandList.com is a complete property listing site for HOMES AND LANDS OF ALL KINDS, all across America. This is a very low cost, subscription-based site. You will never pay us commissions. You will always control your own listings, prices, and negotiations with third parties.

My name is Mark Fielding Darden, and I have a land company that works out of the same office as AmericanLandList. Over the last few decades, we’ve bought and sold over 60 rural land projects, or about 1000 lots, many of which we later built homes upon. We came into this business of “internet-property-listing-sites” from a position of need. We are truly land people who understand what Sellers and Buyers require in order to make good decisions.

For years we successfully advertised in newspapers looking for Buyers and Sellers. We spent from $5000 to $10,000 a month in these periodicals. As time passed, we began to realize we were not getting the bang for the buck that we used to get from them. I think everyone has now come to that same conclusion.

I started looking elsewhere. Guess where I looked first? The INTERNET, of course. The Internet is truly the future of advertising. Everyone knows that. Fax machines and Newspapers are history...unless you want to read Obituaries.

I signed up for about 10 of the biggest property listing sites I could find, and I whittled those down to about 3 that I am still on today. But initially, that meant I had to upload all my listings 10 times into 10 completely different websites. I learned a lot doing that.

Let me say that again: I learned a lot doing that.

Some of these sites have so many banners, ads and flashing lights that it’s hard to even navigate through them. But the goods ones work. And they are less money than newspapers too.

I began to get Buyers and leads again. And as much as I was enjoying getting leads, these websites were just so cluttered and hard to use!! And some were charging a lot!

I knew I could build a better machine...... and I have done that. What I didn't know is that it would take me two prototypes, a little less than $100,000 bucks, and THREE YEARS. "Better" does not mean "easy"...

My site is the fastest, easiest to use property listing site online today. If there is an easier-to-use feature out there somewhere, we will find it and make it ours as well. Plus it has Unlimited Listings and Unlimited Photos!!!!!!

Clean is nice. Easy is good. Faster is better. Less money is the best:

  • For as little as $15 a month you can have Unlimited Listings and Unlimited Pictures. And for only $13 more, you can have any listing "Featured" on the Home Page. The number of Featured Listings is limited so not everyone can get this. All Featured Listings circulate across the Home Page every day, all day, UNTIL YOUR LAND SELLS.

Like the “other guys” we could have many, many more features, but at some point these just get in the way of simple pictures and listings speaking for themselves. Sometimes “more” is not better.

So if you are looking for a property-listing website, please allow me to suggest that “easiest to use, least expensive, unlimited uploads, and first page Google” is all you need. That’s us!

And there you have it: www.AmericanLandList.com ... and proud of it too!! We hope you will enjoy years of listing, browsing, buying, and selling on our site. Feel free to send us a message at Contact Us.