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Al Rivers, Henderson NC:
www.americanlandlist.com is a relatively new site and I am tickled to death to be able to use it. It's inexpensive, has a ton of features other sites charge you a lot more for (like unlimited listings and pictures), and it's super easy to use. It's like the originator said to himself, "Hey, how can I make this the simplest site online...?" Also, I Googled "land list" and it was on the FIRST PAGE of Google...!

Matti Darden, Duke University:
I have watched my father work like a dog on this website for many years. He has poured his heart into blending art, simplicity, and high levels of functionality into this amazing online property listing source. If anyone can make this site one of the top three in the nation, my dad can do it! Tell him you want the "Matti Special" and see what he says!