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Pay Plans:

  • 1 month: $19/month or $57/quarter or $228/year
  • 3 months: $17/month or $51/quarter or $204/year
  • 12 months: $15/month or $45/quarter or $180/year

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To get started as a Seller, follow these steps:
1. Hit any button on the left side menu.
2. Fill out the Free Member Registration form.
3. Click on "Seller Sign Up" on the left side menu and pick your payment option.
4. Click on My Properties to add/edit listings.
5. Choose "Feature This Listing" if you so desire.

Note: Just like all magazine subscriptions, this is a recurring subscription that will take place each time your plan is due for renewal. If you purchase a Featured Listing, it will be handled as a separate transaction, but will be just as easy to obtain. If you ever wish to cancel, simply Contact Us and this will be taken care of for you immediately. Thanks for your business!!