Site Tips

1. How to upload pictures.

When uploading pictures, create folders for each property listing in advance that have the pictures for each listing already sized to the right upload size. To make your pictures the right size, do this: Right click on the picture, then open with Microsoft Picture Manager, find Re-size drop-down box, “Document – Small (800 x 600 pixels)". This will work just fine. DON'T GO SMALLER THAN THIS or your pictures will not enlarge properly when clicked on later by potential buyers. If the pictures are already re-sized smaller than this, either find the originals and fix them, or retake pictures... or just go with it. They will still look good until enlarged. If you are not using Microsoft, just do your best to stick with the 800 x 600 size in whatever format you are in and you should be fine. Also, be sure to read the Help Note in the picture upload area for pre-opening Browse and Upload boxes.

2. Hit SAVE after filling in check boxes but before adding pictures.

It is best to fill in all text and check boxes first, then SAVE. After that you can add pictures. That way, you bypass the risk of hitting some stupid button that fails to save your previous data. Just do it.

3. Use Cut and Paste when you Add/Edit Listings. Also, leave spaces in your text.

If you have several listings that will have almost all the same text, create a Word Doc within the folders above that says what you want to say. Then just cut and paste it into each listing. (Hi-Lite Text, then Ctrl C, then Ctrl V). There is no need to copy your Company Bio info or Contact info because that will be automatically generated with each listing anyway. Also. leave spaces in your text between paragraphs so that the listing will be easier to read and look more professional.

4. Put the State and City/County in your Title area when you create each Listing.

When creating the Title for your listing, please include the State and or City/County. This appears elsewhere automatically, but it sure does look good in the title too. So don’t forget!!

5. Check as many boxes as you can that relate to your Listing.

When putting checks in the category boxes, do your best to check as many boxes as you can that relate to your listing. It will make your listing stand out and look special. We know that we have doubled some of the boxes (mostly water-related) but this will still work to your benefit, so check them if they apply. Get to know these check boxes. They are your advertising friends.

6. Do not include your email address out in the open anywhere on the site.

When you first sign up with us, whether it is to be a Free Member or a Subscribing Seller, your email address is stored within our site. We do not give that out to anyone, and we suggest you protect it as well. Please do not include your email address out in open text anywhere. Our site uses a "blind" outgoing email address so that the interested party cannot see your actual email address.

7. Check your company's website for open email addresses and remove them.

Remember that your company’s website will be available to the public through our site, and that is a good thing. But if your company's website has exposed email addresses for you (or your agents), you are just asking for trouble and increased spam. We suggest you look at your company's website and remove any exposed email addresses, replacing them with "blind" outgoing addresses like we have. Your webmaster can do this very easily for you and will probably be embarrassed that he has not taken the initiative to do so already for you.

8. Don’t forget to check the “No Home on Land Now” and the "Land Only" boxes, if applicable.

If your listing does not have a home on it, don’t forget to check the “No Home on Land Now” box. That will help people understand your listing much faster. And there is also the “Handyman Special” and "Cabin or Cottages" box you can check. This would be a structure that is relevant, but not one you want to really brag about or show pictures of. ALSO: There is also a "Land Only" box under the Home Style drop-down area that you should definitely check if there is no home on the land. This button will show up clearly on the public listing site.

9. Well water, septic/sewage, and Internet accessibility.

Remember to check the boxes relating to well water, sewage/septic treatment, and Internet accessibility. These are always very important issues to everyone, especially Internet-driven people (who will be the main people looking at this site).

10. Financial Features check boxes.

Regarding Financial Features, it is better to check more boxes than less. The object is to get people to call you. You can always explain that this “is only a possibility, but if I can get the owner to go along with you, would you consider making an offer today...?” Make your listing cause you to ask, "If I could...would you?"

11. 1031 Like Kind Exchange.

Again, regarding Financial Features, you should always check the “1031 Like Kind Exchange” box. This will barely affect you, but lets the possible Buyer see that you will work with him if he needs to use this financial tool to buy. (It allows him to shift money from one asset to another, through an attorney’s trust account, so that he will not have to pay immediate taxes on the purchase he is making.) You will still get all of your money at closing, and it is not a contingency sale. The Buyer just has to pre-identify the two tracts that offset each other.

12. Always fill in the Company Bio Area.

Don’t forget to fill in the Seller/Company Bio area on the Free User Registration page. This is a very polite way to brag about how long you have been in business, what great experience you have, and how personal your company is. Try to create this text, however, in the third person so that it looks like someone else wrote it. Then at the end you can add a personal, first person guarantee or promise.

13. Longitude and Latitude Coordinates and Google Map location pointer.

If you do not know your property's address, or if Google has not placed your marker where you want it to be placed on the map on this site, follow these simple steps. You will need to find the Latitude and Longitude of your property to move the marker on our map:

To get an exact Latitude/Longitude, go to Google, then Maps, then type in your address (or the nearest one you can find) then enter. A map should come up that resembles the one on your listing. Scroll around until you find your property on the Google map and right click on it. “What’s here?” will pop up. Click on that and place a “What’s here” marker on your property. Google will then tell you the exact Latitude and Longitude of that marker on your property. Copy and paste that into the Latitude/Longitude boxes below the address field on the Add/Edit page on your listing. Hit Save after that and your listing will have the marker right where you want it on your listing map. Fill the rest of the address fields in as best you can after that. They will not move the marker.

14. Don't forget to add Bedrooms and Bathrooms while editing check boxes in Home Features.

There are two areas for adding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on this site. One puts that information on the "outside" listing of the site. The other places them on the "inside listing" of the site. By adding them under the Home Features area, you will make that information visible on the "inside" listing, or the one most people will click on in order to read more about the property.

15. Using the simple Back Button.

If you ever get "lost" while using the site, remember that you can always simply hit the "Back" button on the top left of the screen.

16. Easy return to Home Page.

If you want to return to the Home Page quickly, simply click on the AmericanLandList logo at the top of the page. This works for pretty much all websites.