Site Creators

Wooten's Web Design
Tim Wooten, living in the great state of Texas, has redesigned this site and has done a fantastic job! Stay posted for improvements everyday! Feel free to contact him. He is an expert at Drupal web design and just a great guy in general. Quite talented. (Click on his name.)

This was the original design group out of Raleigh NC that got this site out of the chute and into a bit of reality. Check them out sometime. They are good folks. They can do many other internet and video-type jobs as well. Take a look at their website. (Click on their name.)

Mark Fielding Darden
Mark Fielding Darden is the dim but persistent candle in the canyon that just won't quit believing in this site and it's success... He's got a clock that won't quit ticking. Besides still being in the land business (which is how this site got started), he writes and records all kinds of music. You can hear some of that music by clicking on (Note: Some of the browsers do not play the snippets properly, but you can still get the general idea.)