Stories, Photos and Artwork from the former Panama Canal Zone (under construction)

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CONTENT: From "Zonians"... former residents of the Panama Canal Zone, or Panamanians who lived among Zonians and participated in their lives. Large quantities of Chagres River water consumption is the only real requirement. Content will consist of stories, artwork, photos, song and video links, poems, and more.

MISSION: To give Zonians a permanent, modern website in which to place their stories and images so that the incredible life we lived down there will never be forgotten. Anyone can access and view the content. You will have to be a (free) Member to post content or make comments, but the site is completely FREE to all users.

REMEMBER: Face Book will not keep our postings forever. They will eventually disappear down at the bottom of our home pages, into oblivion. However, will not only categorize all these stories and pictures, but KEEP THEM FOREVER in a modern web code that will not go out of date. (Drupal is an "open-source" website development code that is constantly being improved and self-perpetuated by computer geeks across the planet.)

FUNDING: There is a donation page now set up BELOW, that will have an ongoing status report showing what progress has been made along the way. It pays to TIM WOOTEN, the developer who is creating the site for us. His work can be seen at his site here:

Once ImaZonian is built, it will cost very little to maintain, and no further contributions will be needed. Please consider donating something to this very worthy venture. Every penny will go to the construction of

RESEARCH: There are many great Zonian sites out there, but none that offers this degree of freedom and simplicity for posting content of all types. The site is being created by a seasoned designer and a well-known Drupal website developer who have worked together for several years to create this site and several others.

AmericanLandList that is being used to showcase ImaZonian is just one of the many websites these two individuals have produced and are working on at this time. Our next project is

SUGGESTIONS: We suggest you look around at ImaZonian and AmericanLandList to get an idea of what we are doing and what is possible. If you would like to make any suggestions, contact me as below under SELLER INFO.


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Latitude: 8.997432
Longitude: -79.518757

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