THE WEDDING Wade and Stacey Wilson and family

These are pictures of a family wedding that the owner of this site has decided to post here (why pay another host when he owns this site already?) ....

There were so many pictures to fix and then post that it was not possible to take even more time to meticulously put them in an order that would be acceptable to everyone, so they are what they are. If anyone wants copies, please mail a flash drive to: Mark Darden; PO Box 2552 Oxford NC 27565 and all pics will be uploaded and sent to you personally. If anyone wishes to add more pictures to this site, download all of them on a flash drive and mail the ORIGINALS to the same address above and they will be fixed and then added to this collection as is possible. Love to all....

Wade married Stacey in Tallahassee on April 14, 2012. Most of the pictures are of Wade's family (Darden, Wilson, McElvain) because that's just how it turned out.

Curt Darden married Fran Darden in the Canal Zone in the 1940's in Panama. They lived there almost four decades and had four kids: Don, Twila, Mark and Beth.

Don is married to Susan. Twila has two boys, and Wade is one of them. Chet is the other. Mark has two kids, Zach and Matti. Beth has Miriam, Jael, Arayna, Caleb, and Ben. All these nieces and nephews were at the wedding. Also attending was Bonnie with Mark, and Roy Wilson with Twila.

It was a wonderful wedding.... and one heck of a family reunion too !!!

Property Info

1134 Ox Bottom Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32312, USA
Tallahassee , Florida. 32312
Leon County
Latitude: 30.574658
Longitude: -84.232181

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