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A few tips using American Land List

Here are a few tips on how to use

*You can search for people who have listed property by name using the Advanced Search button. Open that up and look down to the bottom right.

* You can go "Home" by simply hitting the American Land List logo at the top of any page.

* You can put a "Wish" online by becoming a Free Member and using the Wish List. Your list will then be sent to all Sellers on the site. It will also be posted on the Wishing Well page so others can browse, find it, and contact you.

Stay tuned for more tips in the future!!

An interesting twist...

Take a quick look at this if you have time!

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There is a serious virus going around that is attaching itself to FB photos, You Tube, as well as all the other common places. It pops up on your screen and acts like it's part of your existing protection system. Even if you don't click on it, you're still screwed. It's called "MS Removal Tool". If this attacks your computer, go to this free site to fix it.

If you can't follow the instructions because you can't even log onto a browser, you may have to open your computer in "Safe Mode with Networking" just so you can get online to follow the initial instructions.

Use another computer to log on and register with so you can refer back to it as you are fixing the one that's screwed up.

I found this on Google, and Yahoo endorsed it. It completely cleaned my computer... for free. And believe me, MS Removal Tool is a pain in the you know what. Just follow the instructions if you get to that point. Here is the link for the free fix:

I found someone great to help me!

I know hardly anyone spends time on the internet these days, and even fewer are making a living online, so this tip is probably not even needed.

But just in case you are one of the billions that are doing so...

Here is the name of someone I have become friends with who really has a terrific handle on making your website shine. He is an expert at SEO management and just a great fellow all around. He has helped me hugely and we have just gotten started. His fees are incredibly reasonable, and he will spend one-on-one time with you whenever his schedule allows.

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The Big Question: Is this a good time to buy anything?

Well, property sure is cheap now. Everywhere you look, prices are half what they were previously. And there is outstanding inventory everywhere. Interest rates are also lower than they have been in decades.

Now the Big But: But money is hard to come by these days, and there's the rub. Plus, what about the future? Is it all going to get worse? What do you think?

How to learn anything

I know hit sound tupid, but you can axe the dang computer ''any thang" you like and it will be niace to you... Hit don't matta. Don't nobody know. It tinks it's all alone wit you and it is.... So the next time you's in jam, jest axe the genius on your desk... Don't fergit, now!!! And jest in case you tink I'm being partial, I learnt how to talk like this from my fambilly.

All kidding aside, you can learn SO MUCH with just a simple Google search. Bookmark the link and come back to it when you have time. Even a dummy like me can learn how to benefit from simple searches and study. Good Luck!!!

(And yes, my family has plenty of accents to be proud of. We're all still speaking English the last time I checked...but we have Jamaican, Panamanian, English, Southern, and Black culture in our heritage. All of it is rich and worth having fun with... Let's laugh a little :)

So look for land in every state and in whatever areas you are interested in:

Here are some keywords you can use to get started:

land(s), home(s), real estate, property, for sale, realtor, list, owner, waterfront, lakefront, oceanfront, riverfront, mountains, bargain, sale, sell, buy, purchase, all the states by name, hunting, fishing, camping, recreational, financing, farm(s), acreage, coastal, plantation, farmhouse, commercial, residential, family, mini-farm(s)...

Let me know how things work out!

Check out

I have found that this is a very well put together site, with active people who are local and seem to care. Check it out... My company, will be utilizing this site and hopefully adding to it as well in the coming days.

Using Social Media Sites

If you are not using these sites and taking advantage of all the FREE STUFF online, you are missing the boat. Don't be a Boat Misser....

Check out this guy. He teaches this stuff and is really good at it...

Martin Brossman: (his email)

Try his website:

Wow, what a cool mortgage calculator!!

Go to the right side menu of and click on Mortgage Calculator. It has all kinds of cool features. I was blown away with the "credit-worthy" box where you can say whether your credit is great, decent, or in need of mouth pieces at night to keep from grinding your teeth away....